Winning NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month 2020 was a success! I “won” by writing and surpassing the 50,000 word goal during the month of November. I have a first draft of my BOOK #1 in the young adult trilogy I have been working on since last November. It has been a struggle. I consistently want my work to be perfect as is, and I know that is not the goal of this challenge. The goal is to create, and anything else comes after. Sometimes it is hard to remember that first drafts are crap, that it will get better. Trying to keep that in mind. Continuing to work on this project after a bit of time away with books #2 and #3.

NaNoWriMo Half Point Update

National Novel Writing Month is at the halfway point on November 15th. At the end of week two of writing, I have written just over 28,000 words, beating the 25,000 word halfway point a few days early. It feels good to be getting so much done. While it has been challenging in some ways, creatively speaking, it is rolling along nicely. I am learning new things about my characters, and making discoveries as I go along. I need to keep in mind, a draft is at least something, and revision will come later. It is hard for me to press on and not keep revising as I go, but that isn’t the point of NaNo. The point is to get as much down as possible, and revision will come later. Looking forward to hitting 50K words by the end of the month!